Buying Vitamins & Supplements Online - How Careful Should You Be?

Buying Vitamins & Supplements Online - How Careful Should You Be?

Ahhhhh… the glee of finding great buys online! The internet era has reshaped the way we live and shop. And as we become more comfortable with navigating our ways around the digital arena, it is important that we are equally savvy about purchasing our supplements and vitamins online as well. We have crafted a checklist below to help you out on this!


Say you’ve scoured the internet and landed on a website that promises out-of-the-world benefits on some vitamins or supplement. You might think that you have discovered the latest wonder in science and health! However, it is better to take a step back and find out a little more about the product claims made; especially if it is a brand that you have never seen or heard before.

Check the countries of origin and manufacturers and also the ingredients used in these products. It is important to check the authenticity of the products so you don’t end up with counterfeit products. It is a safer bet to buy your items from online stores that have established their niches in the medical retail industry and purchase directly from them to ensure that you’re buying high quality products and saving yourself from falling prey to shady third party-distributors.


On a related note to point 1, when you stumble upon a retailer that offers prices that are too good to be true, know that it probably is. Remember that the online stores are running a business, very much the same as retail stores. Often, prices are more competitive in the online space as online retailers save on rental costs in the retail space.

However, when the prices are set too low, something probably has to give, in order to make ends meet for the business. It could be compromised product quality, storage conditions, product delivery, etc. Buy from an online retailer with reasonable and competitive pricing that offers value in the entire distribution chain. That will give you a better peace of mind in getting good products and good service.


In making online purchases, most of us typically scroll through online reviews. People weigh products based on others’ experiential testimonies; which is a rather commonplace thing to do. When going through these reviews, take note that a long review list may not always be a determinant of quality; look instead for organic or “real reviews”; aka reviews that come from actual people and not trolls (or those mean, faceless, cubes floating around the internet these days, ready to pounce at even the most trustworthy of brands).

Other than product reviews, note what people say about other aspects of their purchase experience with the e-commerce sites; such as turnaround time (more on that later), packing, service, processing, shipping, etc. These are just as important as the product itself since these things say a lot about the dependability of your chosen online retailers.


Turnaround time is an especially vital point to consider. Look for online retailers who are able to articulate clearly the expected turnaround time, especially for local deliveries. Completing an order form is just step 1 of the entire process of an online order. An established store would have their inventory in check and stock on hand to complete the delivery promptly. They should also be able to keep customers informed of the status of their orders at every point of delivery.


Marketing has changed a lot since the early days of the internet. Influencers now play a big part in endorsing products and introducing new brands to the consumers. When it comes to healthcare, however, it is more important to ensure that there are qualified professionals, (eg. an in-house pharmacist) behind a store that specializes in selling health supplements.

You would want to have a reliable source to turn to if you have any queries with your purchases and know that you are getting advice that you can trust. In this way, you get value and quality with your purchases as you are supported not just with good products to purchase, but also relevant health advice that you need when purchasing off a site selling health related products.


Find a shop that is dependable and consistently provide good value and service. As well as one which is constantly offering new products and new ways to better your health. Unlike fashion, which keeps changing, with health care, you'd want a platform which is reliable and one which is able to meet your needs by listening to your feedback for new products and any health-related requests. Search for an online retailer who can partner with you through your health journey and have them support you and be a source you can turn to for support as well!

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