Staying Healthy Became So Much Easier With Glovida®

Staying Healthy Became So Much Easier With Glovida®

What makes Glovida® different from other online health and supplement stores is that not only does it offer you a wide array of supplements and products in easily accessible categories (such as Edible Beauty, Immunity Boosters, and Mom’s Fave), it offers bestsellers at better prices. On average, customers can expect savings of about 10% off the usual retail prices for most products, and, on occasion, even savings of up to 50%.

Glovida® also has a category called Clinic-Exclusives, which retails products usually found only in medical clinics, such as Heliocare Ultra Oral 30’s and Artrex DS Joint Supplement. This means that you can now get products that are not available over the counter, without the hassle of leaving your home.

We tried the Glovida® Family Kit which came filled with products for the whole family, from sanitisers, to children’s surgical masks, supplements and hand washes.

Twinkle 3-in-1 Hand & Body Sanitizer, $19.90 is just perfect for when you are on the go. We love that it protects the skin against both damaging UV rays as well as germs, bacteria and pollutants. This is a definite must-have in every handbag.

Keeping your gut healthy will keep the rest of you in good condition, which is why we love the Lactomin Advance+ Probiotics 30’s, $39.00. One of the most powerful holistic probiotic products developed in Korea and one of Singapore’s most popular probiotics for the whole family, the supplement is powered by essential vitamins B, D, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9 and D3, which work to strengthen immunity and promote better digestion.

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