The 8 Types of People You Will Meet This Christmas - & The Practical Gift Guide for Them

The 8 Types of People You Will Meet This Christmas - & The Practical Gift Guide for Them

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas brings a special warmth to our hearts. With vacations, feasting, and celebrations with family and loved ones; carols and festive décor decking every mall and house that you visit; very few holidays hold the same enchantment as Christmas.

For many, it is also a time when we show our appreciation for the people in our lives, in a very tangible way, with gifts. For the busy bees out there, we know this can get overwhelming with the long list of gifts to prepare. So, in the spirit of giving and sharing, we have put together a little Glovida Christmas Gift Guide below to make it easy for you to pick up items that are practical, of good quality and great value. We will throw in some Christmas gift tags for you as well to make it all more seamless, so you can enjoy the reason for the season.


Type 1: The Vain Pot
*We all know one (or more!) of them. ;) Gift her (or him!) with anything that makes her look and feel prettier! *

Budget Gift ideas
Below $20 Face masks
Body Mist

$25 and up Hair care products
Body Scrubs/Moisturizers

$40 and up Sunscreen products

$18 and up Beauty supplements

Type 2: The Fuss Pot
This is for the the ones who seem to know it all and have it all, who seem to have no need for anything and are sooo difficult to please. You probably spend the most time cracking your head on what to get them. The way to please and impress them is to get them stuff of good quality, that cannot be easily found on the mass retail shelves. This would give them some bragging rights and make their Christmas a little merrier.

Budget Gift Ideas
$20 and up Vasse Virgin moisturisers

$40 and up Recherche

$50 and up Auolive

$60 and up Ceramiracle

Type 3: The Boss

This is a tricky one... you would want to play it safe and get something tasteful with a touch of class. Earn some brownie points!

Budget Gift Ideas
$20 and up Quality body cleansers

$30 and up Hand lotion

$40 and up Vasse Virgin Diffusers

** Type 4: The Jetsetter**

The one who is always out of town and spends more time on the road than back at home. The one whom you have difficulty keeping tabs of their whereabouts. While the jetsetting lifestyle might seem enviable to some, these frequent flyers need some TLC for the body as the intense travelling could take a toll on their bodies.

Budget Gift Ideas
Below $20 Body Mists (which doubles up as a room spray too!)

$20 and up Body massage oils to knead those tired muscle knots away

$40 and up Suncare and skin brighteners (yes, this is very much needed!)
Ceramiracle first light reboot mask

Type 5: The Colleagues

The people that you meet everyday at work and whom you work closely with (but yet not close enough to be BFFs). You want to show some appreciation by getting them something nice (but not too expensive!). In this instance, a little goes a long way... so you can continue on a good working relationship for the new year.

Budget Gift Ideas
Below $20 Utena face masks
Body Mist (to use after lunch!)

$20 and up Body scrubs/ Moisturizers

** Type 6: The Guys**

*This one is a toughie. They do not seem to care about receiving any gifts. And yet, you can't get past yourself to not get them anything. So, something that they could use in their daily lives would probably work well. *

Budget Gift Ideas
$10 and up Coconut oil

$40 and up Sunscreen products

** Type 7: The Parents**

Ahhhh... our lovely parents. The ones who love us so dearly but gets on our nerves so badly sometimes. As they move into their sunset years, getting them stuff that helps them keep healthy would be a gesture that they would greatly appreciate.

Budget Gift Ideas
$15 and up Digestive health supplement

$40 and up Fish oil supplement

Type 8 : Secret Santa

Can’t run away from this! Can’t go too sloppy either. 'Cos everyone will open their presents in front of everyone! And you don’t want to look like you didn’t make any effort for the celebration… The savvy choice will be to get a general crowd pleaser. (without breaking the bank)

Budget Gift Ideas
$10 to $30 and up Facial oils, Massage oils, body mists, body scrub

Make use of the tips provided here to get your Christmas gifting sorted and spread some good cheer this yuletide. Enjoy the season of Christmas and take this time not just to celebrate, but also to reflect and be thankful for the year that has passed.

We wish you a very merry & blessed Christmas and a very happy new year!

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