Top 7 Brands for Eczema and Sensitive Skin

Top 7 Brands for Eczema and Sensitive Skin

Eczema can be a stressful (and sometimes embarrassing!) condition to manage. Imagine having to deal with an uncontrollable itch in the middle of an important meeting, having uninvited stares on the visible red, rough patches, or scars (from scratching the itch!) on your body; and sometimes, losing sleep as the itch gets so bad in the middle of the night that it causes you much discomfort; all these can be terribly stressful and that doesn’t help with the eczema situation at all!

We’ve had many customers reach out to us for issues on eczema and sensitive skin for themselves and their children. So here, we’ve put together a list of the recommended brands by our in-house pharmacist to help alleviate the skin’s sensitivity and eczema-related discomfort effectively:

1. Ceradan

Ceradan is a brand highly recommended by many dermatologists. Perfectly formulated to treat eczema-prone skin, Ceradan Skin Barrier Repair Cream strengthens the skin's protective barrier by replenishing the ceramide often lacking in dry, sensitive skin.


On the other hand, Ceradan Hydra Cream prolongs the flare-free period effectively by hydrating your skin to the fullest to soothe the itch of eczema. These products can be used without any restrictions on any skin surfaces and are suitable even for newborns!



A top favorite among skin specialists, Isoderm Liquid Soap-Free Cleanser has restorative properties that leave one’s skin soft and supple. This moisturizing cleanser regulates your skin’s acidic protective barrier to an optimal level that prevents skin irritation. Apart from shielding your skin against environmental irritants and bacterial infections, it also gives your skin long-lasting hydration! With its hypoallergenic and non-alkaline properties, Isoderm Baby Liquid Cleanser is a perfect option for babies and young kids, too.

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Developed at the National Skin Centre in Singapore, Suu Balm Soothing Moisturizer provides the perfect care for tender eczema prone skin. Formulated to complement our country’s humid climate, it’s a light, non-sticky moisturizer that contains menthol - an ingredient that cools the skin. Coupled with the powerful moisture-retaining capacity of ceramides, it helps to provide rapid relief from itch.

Suu Balm Kids Head To Toe Wash is also ideal for gentle cleansing on sensitive, dry skin. It leaves skin feeling soothed, moisturised, and refreshed after a shower! The absence of parabens, preservatives, and artificial fragrances make these products suitable for all skin types.

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Gloves in a Bottle Shielding Lotion seeks to revolutionise and surpass normal lotions by locking-in the skin’s natural oil and moisture balance. Specifically formulated for skin conditions like dry skin, sensitive skin and eczema, the “invisible gloves” or protective barriers strengthen the outer layer of the skin cells to safeguard it from moisture-sucking irritants or triggers from the environment.



A winner of Beauty Insider’s Best Organic/Natural Products for 2018, the Y-Not Natural Australian Emu Oil is an all-natural, non-toxic, and hypo-allergenic penetrating oil that reduces the inflammation caused by eczema. Pure emu oil has been long proven to protect skin from harsh elements. It includes anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, pain relief and anti-oxidant (anti ageing) properties that are beneficial for the skin. It can also penetrate and moisturize deeper than any other oils in the market today as it is able to mirror our skin's natural lipids!

Priding itself as being the most-used natural therapy oil, it has a skin cell regenerator agent that keeps the skin from scarring and heals it after blowbacks from skin treatments. It’s definitely a must-have product that improves eczema, promote healing of wounds, cuts and burns effectively!



Vasse Virgin, an Australian brand, was established to produce high quality natural skincare products that target dry-skin conditions like eczema. To rejuvenate and maintain healthy skin, virgin olive oil is a key ingredient that can be found in all of its products. Not only does the oil intensely hydrates your skin, it also aids in skin repair and renewal.

The brand's Chamomile & Lavender Olive Body Lotion serves as a nourishing lotion that is perfect for stressed or dry skin. The extra virgin olive oil plus the calming properties of lavender scent leaves your skin hydrated and refreshed with every application.

Perfect for sensitive skin types, Vasse Virgin Kids Soothing Balm soothes dry, irritated skin, and aids in the calming of bites, stings, or stressed skin.

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Sukin Botanical Body Wash contains the skin-softening properties of jojoba and avocado that hydrate and purify even the most sensitive skin types. Not only is this product free from sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), it is also backed by the aromatic properties of rose hip, tangerine, mandarin, lavender oils, and vanilla extract to keep your skin nourished and moisturised from day to night.

Apart from these products above, brands like Cetaphil, Ego QV, and Physiogel are also perennial-favourites. Glovida has the full range of these amazing products and many more. Visit Glovida to shop now!

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