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Bonjela Gel 15g (For Teething And Mouth Ulcers)

Bonjela Gel 15g (For Teething And Mouth Ulcers)

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Bonjela is a pleasant tasting gel that provides relief from the pain, discomfort and irritation caused by common mouth ulcers and sore spots, as well as those due to dentures and orthodontic devices.


• Fast acting gel for teething and mouth ulcers.
• Clinically shown to aid the healing and relieve pain of mouth ulcers caused by braces and dentures.
• Helps to fight mouth infection.
• Calm your little one's teething gum.
• Sugar free.

Made in UK


Choline Salicylate 87 mg/g (8.7% w/w). Contains Alcohol and Saccharin. Contains Cetalkonium Chloride as preservative.


For topical oral use:

Wash your hands, apply enough Bonjela to cover the tip of the index finger (about a pea-sized amount) and massage into the affected area. This can be repeated after 3 hours if necessary. In the treatment of ulcers, wipe the surface free of mucus before applying.

Do not apply more often than once every 3 hours. No more than 6 doses should be given in 24 hours. Not suitable for babies under 4 months.




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