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Kordel's Hyaluronic Acid + Type II Collagen

Kordel's Hyaluronic Acid + Type II Collagen

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Did You Know?

Reduced concentrations of hyaluronic acid have been observed in people with uncomfortable grinding joints.

Kordel's Hyaluronic Acid + Type II Collagen contains patented Mobilee® and Collavant™n2 that have been clinically proven to help:

  • Cushion joints - reducing discomfort from the grinding of joints.
  • Preserve joints - reducing damage and cools hot joints and cartilage.
  • Promote joint comfort - increasing the ease in movement and helping you to have an active lifestyle.

Mobilee® provides more than just hyaluronic acid. It is a patented synergistic blend of hyaluronic acid-rich ingredients extracted from chicken comb, which helps to cushion and lubricate joints, provices nutrition and comfort, and lessens the impact of everyday activities.

Collavant™n2 is a natural ingredient supplying undenatured native type II collagen from chicken sternum, which helps cool and reduce damage to hot joints and cartilage, preserving their normal functions and support to the body.

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