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Kordel's Oryza Ceramide®

Kordel's Oryza Ceramide®

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Did You Know?

Ceramides make up 40% of the outer lipid layers of the skin. Deficiency in skin ceramide leads to skin dehydration and inflammatory condition associated with atopic dermitits.

Kordel's Oryza Ceramide® contains clinically studied rice-derived Oryza Ceramide® to help:

  • Maintain skin barrier - locks in moisture and shields skin from environmental pollutants.
  • Soothe skin - relieves unpleasant skin conditions caused by dryness
  • Provide plant-derived ceramide - safer than animal-derived ceramide.

Kordel's Oryza Ceramide® is extracted and refined from rice bran and rice germ, is clinically found to be one of the most potent ceramides and demonstrates a superior moisturising effect. It helps reinforce the skin's barrier, limiting moisture loss and protecting against visible damage from pollution and other environmental stressors.

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